The Narrative Project

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you." ~Maya Angelou

You have a story to tell…

and you know your story will be meaningful to others—perhaps to your family, perhaps to a much wider audience. You’ve attended writing classes, workshops, and conferences. You’ve bought books on the writing life and set intentions to get your writing done. So where is that book? We will give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to complete a draft of your memoir that is ready for its final developmental edit in nine months!

Your instructor

Cami is the author of the quest memoir Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents and the co-editor of two anthologies of memoirs. She has coached hundreds of writers of all ages through the completion of projects varying in length from short poems to very, very long books. She has a passion for story! As a psychotherapist and as a writer, Cami excels at helping people figure out what it is they REALLY have to say. Her gift is to break down the daunting tasks in life into manageable bite-sized pieces for people so they can experience success.

The Narrative Project is for you if:

  • You are serious about writing your book
  • You know your story must be told
  • You’ve gotten stuck in the starting and stopping loop more than a few times and know you need help

Program Overview:

  • Nine-month program in a virtual classroom. All sessions are recorded.
  • Narrative skills-building classes monthly (virtual) and two in-person retreats in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Editorial group of no more than FOUR writers guided by a published author. Meets twice monthly.
  • A secret Facebook group to stay connected and share resources.
  • Five individual coaching sessions to work with mindset, organization, skills, and stuckness.
  • Publication in an anthology of your peers!!!


One becomes a good writer by becoming a good reader. The Narrative Project requires writers to read and critique the work of others in a very specific way. This is part of the skills-building process. We are committed to helping you get your book written and to you building the skills, schedule, and support you need to that end.

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Testimonials from students

“I was #1 in Russian Travel and I’ve won the Moritz Thomsen Peace Corps Experience Award for 2014! I even had the chance to do a book reading at the Kazakh Embassy in DC. My book journey is going well and Cami made that happen.” – Janet Givens, author of At Home on the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corps Memoir
“Cami is a talented writer with a special devotion to bringing out the best in other people’s work. I contributed an essay to her book, Beyond Belief, and communicated with her on developmental edits for my piece. Her direction and notes were so valuable to bringing my storytelling to greater heights, and I am impressed at the level of care and detail she showed for each of her many contributors. I highly recommend working with Cami, and I recommend her books too!” – Erin Seaward-Hiatt, contributing author in Beyond Belief

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