With any dream–whether it’s a dream to own a home, to run a marathon, or to WRITE A BOOK–you’ve got to have a plan if you REALLY want to get it done. I’ll never forget a writer I knew who had a book she’d wanted to write for over a decade. She had the expertise to write the book. She even had the time. But she had NO PLAN for how to put together her scenes, her ideas, her storyline. We worked with her in the Get-Your-Book-Done program to break through a VERY longstanding stuckness so she could FINALLY WRITE HER BOOK!!! And she did.

The top reasons people do NOT write their books?

  • They lack the skills to structure and execute the writing process
  • They don’t know WHAT to write because their book concept is half-baked
  • They can’t find the TIME to write
  • They aren’t sure they’re any good at writing, anyway, or that they have anything relevant to say

Well, here’s some great news.

The Narrative Project can give you everything you need to get your book done, starting with a PLAN and then ushering you through skills-building, time-management, theme clarification, and much more.

Here’s our announcement: We are opening up a September cohort for our amazing and proven 9-month Get-Your-Book-Done Program. And we are enrolling EARLY with extra bonuses and creative payment plans right now!

Ready to get your book OUT onto the page?

There are two ways to find out about the September program.

  1. Come to our free virtual info session on Wednesday, June 7 at 5pm Pacific Time. Just register with the zoom link here.
  2. If you want to have a taste of what it will feel like to BE with us and to walk away with that PLAN I was mentioning above, we have a something special for you!

We have a very limited number of spots for an upcoming in-person VIP Half-Day Mastermind Session with me–The Narrative Project’s director, Cami Ostman. I will walk a limited number of writers through my ENTIRE ground-breaking “Mastermind Your Book” process and you will leave with a roadmap to how to move forward with your project.

Space is limited so grab your spot for the VIP Mastermind today by registering here!

You’ll walk away from this intimate four-hour experience with:

CLARITY about the trajectory of your WHOLE story, including the list of scenes from the moment your main character’s journey begins to the moment the story comes to a close.

A PLAN and schedule for the literal act of writing your book.

CONFIDENCE your story will have meaning for readers.

INSPIRATION to move forward and FINALLY get that book written.

Date: June 10, 2023

Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Time

Investment: $197

Spots available: 20

Location: Bastyr University Campus, Kenmore, WA

You can register HERE today!

DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to work directly with me and the TNP coaches to set you on course to GET YOUR BOOK DONE!

Let’s do this, writer!



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