We are inching toward spring! We are also inching toward the launch of our 9-month Get Your Book Done program on March 10. (We have THREE spots left, by the way… And if you are interested in exploring joining us on the journey, head over to the application and fill it out. We’ll reach out to you to have a phone conversation.)

In our enrollment process for our Get-Your-Book-Done cohort, we’ve talked to hundreds of writers during January and February–encouraging, cheering, offering structure, and masterminding books.

Out of this energy has emerged a rallying call for me to offer a HOT class that we have offered in the past: How To Write About Trauma Without Retraumatizing Yourself. Writers, as a family therapist for 25 years and as a writing coach for 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of people who are doing their darndest to get their stories out of their bodies and onto the page. Trauma stories are hard to write, yes, but the act of communicating them with purpose and love is an incredible gift of generosity for others who may read them who are also struggling.

Are you ready to write about something hard, but worry about the effect of writing that story? Do you NEED to get it OUT of your body but not sure how to do it in a way that won’t cause more harm? Do you get stuck wondering why anyone would want to read about your struggles and pain? Does the process seem important but just, well, too damn hard?? I promise you, there is a way to write that won’t cause you harm, that will build community, and will rebuild your faith in humanity. You don’t have to do this alone—writers write together.

Jump into my 2-hour class on March 8 at 5pm Pacific and join the discussion. We will cover:

  • The definition of trauma and some common symptoms of post-trauma stress responses
  • Reasons to write about your trauma in spite of the cost to your peace of mind as you write
  • Strategies for minimizing the impact of recalling and writing about traumatic events
  • Ways of bringing yourself back to baseline when you have written about a traumatic experience

This class is for anyone writing in any genre where traumatic events are explored scenically or thematically.

Register for $27 at https://www.thenarrativeproject.net/product/how-to-write-about-trauma/

I hope you’ll join me.

With love and undying belief,


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