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Write your way into healing and thriving for your life and your art.

Jump in for a SIX WEEK DEEP-DIVE that will revolutionize your relationship with the critical voices in your head currently sabotaging your intentions and making you feel like a failure!

The “inner critic” is not just a voice inside your head that tells you your art is crap? It’s also the voice that says such things as:

  • The laundry is more important than your creativity
  • Your children will feel abandoned if you spend time doing something you love
  • You don’t have talent
  • You aren’t interesting
  • You aren’t kind
  • You are damaged
  • You’ll never recover from your pain
  • You will be poor
  • You have to make everyone happy
  • You will be abandoned
  • Anything that doesn’t make money isn’t worth your time
  • Your family hates you (or will hate you if you write your book)

Any thought or emotional energy which creates pain or brokenness is the so-called Inner Critic and these energies significantly decrease our happiness and our creative productivity. But are they telling us the truth? And more importantly, after living with them for decades, can we free ourselves from them?

There IS a way to get out from under a heavy burden of negativity and grief and to activate FREEDOM and FLOW.

Join us for a 6-week deep-dive

Inner Critic Relief (a $1500 value offered at a 75% discount for $497)


  • What the inner critic actually IS, why it attacks you, and why it is stopping up your flow, happiness, and creativity
  • How to change your relationship with SEVEN types of painful energies and inner messages
  • How to heal your woundedness with writing techniques proven to activate hope, wisdom, and creativity
  • How to activate your creative Inner Wisdom so you can write (or paint or bake or garden) with abandon, freedom, and joy
  • How to be completely unaffected by the EXTERNAL critics (dead or alive) who have maligned you or your work
  • How to USE the voices in your head to improve your writing (or painting, etc.)
  • How to push through both inner and outer barriers (time limitations and family obligations) in your writing
  • Bonus: How to write about trauma (in poetry, memoir, or fiction) without retraumatizing yourself
  • Bonus: How to turn your life story into something other people would want to read

Learn a revolutionary and proven way to WRITE YOUR WAY INTO HEALING AND GREATER CREATIVITY. This SIX-WEEK deep-dive into a writing mechanism that literally activates hope, flow, wisdom, courage, and clarity will revolutionize your relationship with your Inner Critic and will activate your creativity as never before.

When: Program start dates vary. Please subscribe or check back for the next session.

Cost: $1500 On a limited reduction for $497.00

To sign up, please use the PayPal button on this page. You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal confirming your payment. Once you pay, you will automatically be redirected back to this website to a page with information on how to join the workshop and your first Bonus Video.

If you don’t get redirected back to this website, please email and let us know the “redirect” did not work. We will send you the information you need.

Let’s free up your ability to create the life you want!!

PS: This deep-dive is right for you whether your creative outlet is writing, painting, cooking, or gardening. All are welcome, whether or not you identify yourself as a “writer.”

**PPS: All sessions are recorded so you will miss NOTHING**

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