“Writing is like going to the gym… It’s something you do by yourself. This program is a writing program, yes, but for me, since I was writing about trauma, it was therapy too. And I wasn’t alone on the journey.”

Roger, TNP Graduate


When I designed The Narrative Project’s 9-month Get-Your-Book-Done Program, I did it because I was tired of and sad about my writing buddies’ lamentations regarding deferred dreams of becoming authors. 

There are a lot of things in this life I don’t know how to do, but I DO KNOW HOW TO GET THINGS DONE!! And one evening, sitting with a writing friend and a glass of wine, I decided I would create a structure that would help writers FINALLY get their books done.

“This program taught me that I’m more creative than I gave myself credit for being.” –Kimberly, TNP Graduate

Kimberly, TNP Graduate

Why do I know how to get things done? Well, it’s because I know how to break big tasks down into bite-sized pieces and make them into small tasks. I know how to keep my eye on the whole forest, while also looking closely at the trees. I know how to make sure the horse always goes before the cart.

Listen, I’m running out of metaphors here. The point is, my BRILLIANCE is in helping people GET THINGS DONE. And my PASSION is WORKING WITH WORDS. I’ve combined my background as author, English/Theater teacher, long-time family therapist, marathon runner, and community leader to create a program for YOU!!

“I came to the program with fear… The Inner Critic work changed the way I approached my writing and my life.”

Mary Jo, TNP Graduate


You should be in our program this year.

You don’t even have to be absolutely clear about the trajectory of your book, writer. That’s what we’re here for. 

  • We will get you clear, 
  • put you in a structured writing process, 
  • get you feedback for what you are writing along the way, 
  • and celebrate every step with you.

Reply to this email to ask for an exploratory phone call with me. We have 4 spots left for 2021 and we close registration March 31.

We’ve got your back, Writer!!

Love, Cami

“This course changed my writing life. Before the class, the book idea existed only in my head. Now I’ve churned out 148,000 words!”

Kathie, TNP graduate

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