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Whether you think of yourself as a writer or NOT, you’ve got inner narratives that rule your choices in life and the way you feel about those choices. 

So many of us get mired in the ashes of our losses and transitions. We wander amidst the rubble of ideas we once had about ourselves and our lives, hoping we’ll be able to make something of what is left after our structures have come crashing down. 

The fabled Phoenix offers us some guidance whenever we find ourselves needing to remake our lives. Periodically she burns herself up and rises again from her own ashes.

It would be lovely if THE BURNING wasn’t necessary for THE RISING to happen. But it is.

In Cami Ostman’s work as a therapist, she has sat with people over the decades who watched in confusion and grief as their lives came apart at the seams.  Others hold things together by staying stuck for too long in bad situations attempting to prevent their lives from “burning” to the ground. 

While it is understandable to be afraid of letting unhelpful stories burn, we will ALL face the need to re-evaluate and pivot our direction in life plenty of times in the course of a long existence. And at this moment in time, world-wide events are necessitating changes we didn’t necessarily bank on or want.

However… the BURNING doesn’t always have to be dramatic. Unpacking unhelpful narratives and replacing them with new ways of thinking can be undertaken consciously, in a considered way. 

It IS possible to refurbish, rebuild, and shine brighter than ever before–even after major transitions or losses. 

If you are craving/needing/undergoing a BURNING or your life has already burned and you’re in need of a RISING or REINVENTION, I’d like to invite you to Phoenix Lessons.

Please join Cami for her transformational
6-months of PHOENIX LESSONS!!

She will teach you:

  • Her three spiritual practices that ALWAYS provide guidance and clarity.
  • How to CONSCIOUSLY burn what needs to burn.
  • How to identify and determine EXACTLY which beliefs about self, others, and the world are keeping you small.
  • How to craft a personal Bill of Rights you can live by.
  • How to forge a relationship with your Inner Critic that puts YOU in charge.
  • How to tap into the DEEP WISDOM of your INNER CHAMPION.
  • How to get a clear roadmap to your next steps in life.
  • How to GENUINELY BELIEVE you are a resilient badass and how to walk about this world as such.
  • How to “dreamset” your future and manifest your new life.

Limited space available.

Tuition $1,997 (payable in up to 8 installments)

  • All meetings and classes are recorded
  • All handouts available for download
  • Starts June 3
  • First Monday of the month at 5pm Pacific Time: Class
  • Third Monday of the month at 5pm Pacific Time: Reflection Meeting
  • Your one-on-one “rising” meeting scheduled individually

Let’s rewrite the narratives that keep us in the ashes and find our wings for the next season of life!

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You can register by paying the full tuition now, or by paying a $297 deposit. If you choose the deposit, one of our staff will contact you to set up the rest of your payment plan.

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