Write Away with The Narrative Project

Valparaiso, Chile ~ May 20-30, 2020

Are you craving adventure? Would you love to learn how to hone your writerly skills of observation and your ability to make your travel writing pop off the page?

Join our Write Away in Chile and you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime AND get to write about it for publication. We’ll make sure your writing shines with as much color as the city we’re traveling to.


In May 2020 The Narrative Project is traveling to Chile, South America for a writing adventure!

Travel is the best thing we know to spark your adventurous spirit and inspire creativity. And travel WRITING offers opportunities to be inspired by PLACE and CHARACTER like nothing else.

One of the most fascinating cities in the world is Valparaiso, Chile, where steep funiculars and colorful, clifftop homes peer out at the vast Pacific Ocean and where La Sebastiana, the quirky former residence of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, is now a museum looking out at the city and its THOUSANDS of street murals. 

The workshop is a rare opportunity for a small group of writers to immerse themselves in their craft while experiencing the food, wine, art, and history of Chile. We’ll revel in the crazy architecture of this World Heritage City, stroll along its narrow streets, climb its endless staircases, ride its historic funicular elevators and enjoy panoramic views from its many lofty lookout points.

“Let the world change you and you can change the world.” 
—Che Guevera, The Motorcycle Diaries

“I feel about travel the way a happy new mother feels about her impossible, colicky, restless newborn baby – I just don’t care what it puts me through. Because I adore it. Because it’s mine. Because it looks exactly like me.”
—Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Tentative Schedule of Events:


  • Travel to Santiago, Chile
    Get settled and catch up on sleep.
    No-host dinner or we cook together.


  • Morning – Bus to Valparaiso, Chile
  • Afternoon – Lunch at The Winebox
    Meeting and orientation for the next 5 days. Get your blogging appointment (each blogger gets to sit down with Lisa and walk through how to post a blog).
  • Evening – No-host dinner together


  • Morning – Class: (Cami/Lisa) What great travel writing does and doesn’t do. Assignment: Have an adventure with a universal takeaway.
  • Writing time
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon – Walking tour of Valparaiso
  • No-host dinner
  • Gather for reading in the evening


  • Morning – Class: Character Study. Writing as stealing. Assignment/prompt: Meet someone, turn them into a character, tell their story.
  • Writing time
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon – Tour Pablo Neruda’s house and then a discussion on the patio at The Winebox on Neruda and Character
  • Evening – No-host dinner then wine and open mic


  • Morning – Class: Place. Now that we’ve soaked up the city… How do we write about a place to really make it come alive?
  • Writing time
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon – Funiculars
  • No-host dinner
  • Evening – Wine tasting on the roof


  • Morning – Class: (Lisa) How to watch for off-the-beaten track experience you’ll be able to write about.
  • Writing time
  • Lunch
  • Vina del mar for a walk and no-host dinner on the beach
  • Evening – Wine and reading


  • Morning – Meeting for next steps.
  • Free day in Valparaiso
  • Evening – pack up
  • Dinner together at The Winebox


  • Morning – Bus back to Santiago and get settled at the hotel
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon – Class: How to integrate history into your storytelling
  • Writing time
  • Afternoon trip to the Virgen
  • No-host dinner
  • Gather for a night on the town 


  • Morning/afternoon – Tour of Santiago
  • Dinner together
  • Evening – Closing

DAY 10

  • Travel Home



The conference runs from May 20-29. We will provide transportation from Santiago to Valparaiso on the 21st and return to Santiago on the 27th. Valparaiso is about an hour and a half drive from Santiago.

Craft Talks: We’ll hold craft talks in the mornings and explore in the afternoon, then regroup in the evening for an opportunity to share.

Registration: Fill out the application below.

Workshop Cost: $2,997. Space is limited to 10 participants. We offer a discount for participants who register early — it makes our administrative lives much easier. 

The conference fee includes:

  • Nine (9) nights accommodation in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile
  • Breakfast every day
  • Lunch every day
  • Pablo Neruda home/museum entrance fee
  • Walking tour of Valparaiso
  • Funicular train tour
  • Transportation from Santiago to Valparaiso and back
  • Wine tasting
  • Transportation to Vina del Mar
  • Walking tour of Santiago
  • Entrance/tour fees for Palacio de La Moneda and Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception on San Cristóbal Hill

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”
—J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


    Please fill out the application below. Once reviewed, we will send you a link to pay a $250 deposit to reserve your spot to Chile!

    Can you comfortably walk up to 5 miles per day?

    Do you have any dietary restrictions?

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