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BEFORE a person knows they have a book to write, they often wonder:

  • Do I have a story?
  • Where do I even get started?
  • Would anyone care about what I have to say?
  • How do I dive into the muck of my experiences to excavate what will be helpful or interesting to others?
  • How will I manage all the feelings that come up as I write?
  • Can I/should I do this alone?

Unlock Your Story is a six-month journey to finding your way into your message and your writing practice. It is a gentle, virtual, guided, prompt-oriented program that will serve you, the writer, to:

  • Practice giving voice to important truths
  • Explore your unique, authentic voice on the page
  • Explore personal identity as related to life transition or radical personal transformation
  • Excavate personal stories that can then be used to create a first draft of a manuscript
  • Nurture your writing practice even amidst a busy life

This program is for you if:

  • You feel you’re not quite ready to dive into writing a book manuscript, but you believe you have a story in you that needs to find its way to the page.
  • You want support developing a writing practice.
  • You would like feedback and reflection on the CONTENT of your writing but are not ready for feedback on the QUALITY of your writing.
  • You have tender material you need to process and would love support as you do so.

This is a program for all genres of writing (memoir, fiction, poetry, prescriptive, etc.).

The structure of Unlock Your Story:

  • You can start the Unlock Your Story journey anytime you’re ready.
  • When you register, you will immediately receive a video explaining how the program works as well as your first set of prompts.
  • Once each week for the next 25 weeks, you’ll receive three prompts to use as the impetus for your writing that week. You can use all three prompts or none of them of you’re already on a roll in your writing.
  • Videos on writing-related topics will be included in several of your prompt emails.
  • Twice each month, you will have the opportunity to join our “Reflecting Groups” via Zoom. Reflecting Groups are where you can share what you’ve been working on with other program members and receive reflective feedback (not critique). Meetings will be led by one of The Narrative Project writing coaches.
  • Reflecting Groups are gentle, potent, confidential, and contained spaces for writers to dive into the subterranean and bring to the surface the stories that are ready to be shared. Writers are encouraged to share at their own pace and according to their comfort level.

Parameters of the program:

  • Six months of prompts and meetings for $97/month
  • Program renewable for a second six months with new prompts
  • Bonus Inner Critic Program available upon registration at no extra cost
  • $500 discount on the Get Your Book Done program if you decide at a later date to become a student of that program.

Current group facilitator is TNP Coach Anni Kamola.

Two ways to register:

Make a on-time payment of $582.

Sign up to pay $97/month for six months.

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Get your FREE gift by filling out your information.

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