How’s your year going? Are you making progress on your book?

Writer pal, let me be honest with you. It takes a village to write a book. And most writers I know don’t realize this. They think published authors have written their books alone in dark attics, emerging only when their final drafts are done to turn those manuscripts over to agents and editors.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Books are collaborations. ALWAYS!

Do you have the right collaborators in your life? If not, you’re not set up for completion.

Listen, how long have you been THINKING about your book? How many years have you noodled around with it, written draft, revised the first three chapters (again), and then put it aside for a few months (or years)?

Most of the writers who join the Get-Your-Book-Done program at The Narrative Project have been working on (or NOT working on) their book idea for years. Some of them have even completed MFA programs and not gotten their books done.

And this breaks my heart!!!

I’m not kidding. It breaks my heart to meet someone who has a book they NEED to write but who isn’t getting it done.

It breaks my heart because I believe with all that is in me that if you have burning book idea, you have a CALLING to write that book.

Will you let us help you get it DONE!!

Our Get-Your-Book-Done program is enrolling (with a March 16 start date). We have limited space, but if you’re a good fit for one of our spots, you will have a team of coaches, a cohort of other eager writers, and a proven structure to help you get your book out of your body, onto the page, and ultimately, into the world.

Apply here for the program (no obligation–just an exploration), and we’ll reach out to you with additional details and for a conversation.

C’mon! Your story deserves to see the light of day!!

Love, Cami

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