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For the last two years, it’s been my honor to host, along with Lisa Dailey at Sidekick Press, our fantastic and FREE “Write That Book Already” virtual conference.

When Lisa and I came up with the original idea, the world was still in quarantine. We knew we needed to find a way to inspire writers to REMEMBER why their book ideas (or half-written manuscripts) really mattered and to stay motivated during an uncertain and painful time in human history.

We believed during those dark days that MORE THAN EVER the stories in our hearts needed to get out into the world—because for a while, stories were all we had of one another

More than that, however, we also knew that we needed to be WITH each other somehow in order to stay motivated.

We created our virtual conference to be different than any other conference we’d ever seen. We decided to do the whole thing on Facebook to make it as inclusive as possible. And do you know what?? That community is still connected, still supporting one another, still learning from and teaching each other. We have celebrated publications with each other and cheered one another on through revisions, platform building, and pitching!

Join us again this year. We’re excited about our line-up!!

Here’s how the conference works:

  1. You sign up HERE.
  2. The first week of January, you’ll get daily emails with two replays each day of our recorded interviews with our SAVVY industry experts. We’ve got writers, agents, publishers, coaches, platform-builders, and more for you this year!
  3. We also put the videos on our replay page AND in the guides in the Facebook group: (But be sure to sign up for the conference officially so you can get our special offers and our reminders in your inbox that first week of January.)
  4. Lisa and I will be live in the Facebook group that whole week to welcome you, share the recorded videos, and to talk with you about the content our wonderful experts will share.
  5. You make 2023 the year you Write THAT BOOK Already!!!!

See you there!



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