I meet writers (or would-be writers) regularly who follow what we are up to at The Narrative Project for a long while—attending our monthly mastermind classes, our Ready, Set, Write series at the beginning of the year, and even masterminding with us—but STILL tell me they aren’t READY to join us to write their book. Happens all the time.

I know they know that it’s our WHOLE JAM to help them GET ready, and then to support them as they write, giving them EVERYTHING they need to get their book done: accountability, feedback, structure, support, skills classes, community, etc. But they still tell me they aren’t ready. They still think they have to DO something to get MORE ready.

  • Maybe they are afraid they will make a fool of themselves
  • Maybe they are worried about investing money in something that might bomb
  • Maybe they struggle to believe they or their story is worth the effort, energy, time, money, or other people’s focus
  • Maybe the idea of making their private scribblings something someone else is ALSO invested in is intimidating and way outside their comfort zone

Does this sound like you?

But seriously, my friend, you MUST break through just thinking about writing if you want to contribute what ONLY YOU can offer to the world.

And I mean that (you know I do)!

Only YOU have THIS thing to say in a way that only you can say it. And it will be lost to the world and to posterity if you don’t get it down on the page and out into the world.

Are you stuck in the “contemplation” phase of this writing project you have tucked away in your heart?

If so, join me on Thursday, March 4 at 5pm Pacific time for a FREE zoom class to learn how to move beyond THINKING about writing.

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** And if you know you’re ready to join us this year for the 9-month Get-Your-Book-Done program (we start in March!), fill out the application here and we will contact you with details about the program and set up a phone interview.

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