Recently I’ve reconnected with an old middle school friend who was an early champion of my writing. After we had coffee to catch up on life, I went to my garage and dug out the journal I kept in 7th grade–where I wrote angsty poetry and odes to heartbreak. Back in middle school, my friend used to take my journal during class and find an empty page several pages beyond where I’d filled the book to write an encouragement to me. The rule was that I couldn’t read HIS poem to me until I had filled the pages up to that point. This was incentive to keep me writing.

His poems encouraged me to fill pages, to become an author one day, to make him proud. I’d forgotten how sure he was that I would one day make a name for myself as an author.

Reading our exchanges anew these many decades later a few important observations float to the surface:

  • I was a terribel speller (that was on purpose!)
  • I’m a much better writer now (would be tragic if that were not true)–time and practice DOES count for something
  • I had a MAJOR cheerleader who formed the foundation of my identity as a writer

I took pictures of some of my journal pages and sent them to my old pal. We laughed together on the phone. We were cute back then–writing to each other with complicated (and inaccurate) sentence structures that today mean nothing. But we were VERY sincere.

And you know what? We were right!!

One day I WOULD become an author with a book that hit some big publicity (Second Wind was featured in the Oprah Magazine in January of 2011!).

I’m still convinced that would NOT have happened had there not been (many) people who believed in me, who had my back, who held space for my drafting and re-drafting, and who gave me feedback and encouragement every step of the way. And it certainly wouldn’t have happened without this ONE very important friend who created the kind of SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY for me that taught me how to form a habit that would keep me writing long enough to write and revise and publish BOOKS.

Writer, do you have the right structure and support to get a book DONE?

Consider letting us at The Narrative Project provide that for you. Let us not only cheer you on, but let us give you EVERYTHING you need to get your book DONE!

We have a few spots left in our Get-Your-Book-Done program. Fill out an application and we’ll reach out to you to talk and decide if you’re a good candidate for this year’s cohort!

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Can’t wait to connect. You deserve support to get this book DONE!

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