Hello friends. I can’t tell you how strongly I feel we are in a collective SHIFT right now in terms of human consciousness. ALMOST EVERYONE I know (including me) is wandering in the wilderness of transition right now.

The good news for ME is that I’m a transition/transformation expert. I’m not bragging… it’s just a fact. I’ve re-invented myself nearly completely three times in my adult life. And I’ve walked hundreds of other people through their own epic transformations.

And do you know what? I can tell you conclusively that it is TOTALLY possible to watch who you used to be go up in smoke, to find in the rubble the gold that remains, and to envision and manifest the next awesome iteration of YOU and your life.

I am SO INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE about reinvention and, therefore, about my new six-month Phoenix Lessons program!.

Look, pals, I spent 20 years as a therapist sitting with people in the darkest times of their lives—when, for many people, everything they knew and trusted had gone up in flames. Between that work as a therapist, my own transformations, and my life as a teacher working with writers who are conveying transformations on the page… I just feel that I cannot NOT offer what I’ve learned about reinvention and renewal at this point in our human history.

Post-pandemic, many of us are still wondering, “What the hell is ACTUALLY the meaning of this life?”

Something happened that threw us (collectively) into a deep questioning state. Let me show you how to fly again with a revised life narrative!

Join me for my 6-month Phoenix Lessons. We start in June. And it’ll cost you less than you’d pay for two therapy sessions a month. Plus, it’ll be more fun.

Pass this along to a friend who might need the support!

Love you! -Cami

PS: There’s two ways to pay the tuition. In one chunk or over the course of the 6-months. For questions, send a note to Amanda at info@thenarrativeproject.net.

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