Let me tell you a rather vulnerable story about a commitment I made to myself in the year 2000. I had just finished my grad program in family therapy and had bought a house with my then-husband, when something very unsettling happened. I met a part of myself I’d been shoving underground for decades.

I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. You see, I was in crisis. I knew my marriage was fizzling out—as the very young people we’d been at our wedding ten years earlier no longer really existed. Squarely in our mid-thirties, we’d grown apart, changed directions, and needed to move on.

One day, after a whole lot of crying, I peered at my puffy face in the mirror and leaned in to get a good, deep look into my own eyes. And do you know what I did NOT see?

I did NOT see the 23-year-old who had stood in a white gown wanting nothing more than to please God, husband, family, and church over a decade earlier. I did NOT see the nice girl who had learned to avoid other people’s anger by sidestepping hard truths. And I did NOT see the perfectionistic straight-A student who had worked so hard to prove her own worth and her right to take up space on the planet.

Nope. Staring back at me, I saw the seeds of who I would become over the next two decades. I saw a woman with opinions. I saw a woman with gentle but strong authority who could lead her own life. I saw a badass-in-the-making who was ready to face the painful but important changes ahead of rejecting what wasn’t working and calling in her own truth.

As soon as I saw all of that in my own eyes, do you know what I did?

Of course you know, WRITER!!!!

I ran to grab my computer, threw myself into a chair, and I WROTE HER INTO EXISTENCE!!!

That’s right. I wrote and wrote and wrote. For days on end, I got up before the sun rose and typed myself onto that page. I journaled. I wrote stories. I wrote poems. I wrote letters.

And all of that writing led me, ultimately, to making some major changes in my life AS WELL AS to writing my FIRST BOOK.

Also, I made a promise to myself—to that badass woman looking back at me in the mirror.

I promised her I would always let her lead the show—that I’d never let her get buried again. And that I would support other people unburying their truths.  I saw that almost everyone I knew likely had a buried story. Maybe not everyone had a book inside of them, but nearly everyone had a truth they weren’t telling, for sure.

But for YOU… because you are a writer, you need to do what I did. Grab your computer and throw yourself in a chair.

Look, a really good book is nothing if not a journey to unbury a truth.

I am now privileged to live out my commitment to that part of myself who revealed herself to me in the mirror all those years ago by supporting writers as they find their (sometimes complicated) way to the unfolding of the transformational stories they have to tell.

Join me this year in unburying your book? Your truth (whether writing memoir, fiction, or self-help/how-to) deserves the light of day, don’t you think?

The doors to our 9-month Get-Your-Book-Done program are open and we have a few more spots to fill. Fill out the application here, and we will contact you for an interview.

You can do this, Writer!!

Love, Cami

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