Did you know I simply adore TNP’s free Mastermind Your Book class? I’ve worked with TNP for three years now, and every time I support Cami with a Mastermind Your Book class I walk away feeling like MAGIC just happened. You know feeling you get witnessing someone in their element? THAT happens all the time!

Once a month, TNP’s ‘Chief Story Warrior’ Cami Ostman collaborates with us TNP coaches and our wildly brilliant writers to help free an author from a writing PICKLE! We figure out their story’s main plot-points, theme, guiding question, the what and the so-what…and every time we have a breakthrough.


I always feel honored and humbled when I help writers connect with that Something-Bigger-Than-Me in our free class. Anything seems possible. EVERY session we experience at least one–if not two, three or five--MAGIC moments.

Some of my favorite include:

*a collaborating writer asking just the right question, which opens up a whole new perspective for the writer,

*a coach identifying a hidden theme,

*the writer articulating something they have been struggling to say for ages,

*a ripple of understanding (and sometimes the tears) when the Mastermind just lands, and we all understand on that basic human level what the writer is trying to say and why it f’ing MATTERS,

*the AHA! moment when a writer understands what her story is actually about.

What Happens After the Mastermind Session

The times I volunteered my story for a Mastermind Your Book session I walked away with a MAJOR, an I’m saying MAJOR, creative BOOST. I felt clear-headed and calm. I had context, a MAP, new things to ponder, people’s belief in me, and a TEAM behind my story.

But that hasn’t just happened when my story was the focus. As a writer myself, I ALWAYS pick up an idea, nuance, or tidbit of something I can apply directly to my own projects. Every session is helpful to every person, in completely organic and often surprising ways.

We at the Narrative Project like to quote Deborah Siegel, co-founder of SheWrites.com: Writers Don’t Let Writers Write Alone. This Mastermind Your Book class is a tiny fractal of the amazing community The Narrative Project works to foster. (And did I mention that it’s FREE?)

Join us!

Writer, you are so VERY, VERY, VERY welcome to join us–especially if you have never come before! We love having new faces along with our familiar Zoom (aka peanut gallery). Contact Cami Ostman in advance (via the purple pop-up scheduler) if you would like to have YOUR story Masterminded!

Please note!! We usually meet the second Thursday of each month, however this month (and this month only) we are meeting on the second FRIDAY, August 13, from 12-1. And! To sweeten the pot, Cami told me she has something special and super awesome to share, too, so don’t miss out!

Writer, come play with us!

Register for the class in advance, and we’ll send you a Zoom link! We’ll see you soon!

xoxo Anni Kamola

Anneliese (Anni) Kamola is an author and developmental editor living in Bellingham, Washington (anneliesekamola.com), as well as a coach and the executive assistant for The Narrative Project. She has published work in True Stories Volume I (2019) and True Stories Volume II (2020), as well as in WWU’s Fairhaven College literary magazine, Inkspeak (2010). Anni has written, produced, and performed two solo dance/theater/storytelling performances, This Is My Body (2011) and Filling the Void (2013), and a solo storytelling show, Stories of Strong Women from Around the World (2015). Anni’s writing is informed by neurobiology, psychology, and trauma/resiliency studies. She loves music, dance, good food, family, and international travel.

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