Darlings, we’ve scored big. I’ve been after Laurel to join the Narrative Project crew for years. And now she’s here!!!! Join me in welcoming your new REVISIONS coach, Laurel Leigh.

As you know, our Get-Your-Book-Done program walks writers through nine months of drafting. We take writers from concept to complete draft. But what happens after the draft is complete? WE REVISE!!! Writers who carry on working with us, work intensely with a coach in a 9-month process we call THE NEXT CHAPTER.

We’ve just scored big by bringing Laurel Leigh on as our next NEXT CHAPTER story warrior!!! Let me introduce you to Laurel, tell you why I’m SO excited she’s with us, and why  you DON’T want to miss the chance to work with her.

With in-house book publishing credentials as well as fifteen years as a freelance editor for clients in the U.S. and Sweden, her skills as a structural editor and script doctor are highly sought by multiple publishers, producers, and individual authors. She has acted as project manager for numerous titles published by Chronicle Books, including the multinational family business memoir Family Spirit. She has edited the high-profile memoirs RatSnakes by retired ATF undercover agent Vincent A. Cefalu, and Baby, Don’t Hurt Me by former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan, both published by BenBella Books. She is a pro who knows how to get a manuscript in shape!

Laurel holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Wherever she fires up her laptop, her motto is: It’s a Good Day to Write.

In short, Laurel is the REVISIONS QUEEN. She helps writers discern what their books are really about and supports them in bringing their messages into focus. 

Laurel’s NEXT CHAPTER group is filling fast but we still have a couple of spots open.

So… what is The NEXT CHAPTER and how do you know if it’s right for you?

First of all, do you have more than 40 thousand words? Are you sitting on a story you know COULD be awesome, but you need feedback and guidance to get you there?

In the NEXT CHAPTER you’ll get:

  • Two critique meetings per month for 9-months
  • A one-on-one hour-long coaching session per month with Laurel, during which time she can offer critique and work with you to mastermind your big-picture themes story arc
  • A two-day writing retreat with your cohort
  • Access to skills-building classes as needed
  • A supportive community facilitated through a private Facebook group
  • Your choice of a six-week live bonus class on either Platform Building for Writers OR Managing Your Inner Critic

If you think  you might be a good fit for the NEXT CHAPTER, sign up for a free consultation (use the pop-up on this website to schedule or email Cami at cami@thenarrativeproject.net for an appointment to talk about your book).

We start September 9! Don’t miss out. Your story deserves to get out into the world and we can get you to the finish line!

Photo of Laurel by Danielly Nobile

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