Why Phoenix Lessons?

There are the narratives we write and the narratives we live. And they both need attention

In many mythologies (such as Egyptian, Arabian, and Greek) there is a story of a magnificent bird—the Phoenix—which provided a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This massive bird, the wings spanning across the sky, was said to live a long life, sometimes extending hundreds of years. At some point, the Phoenix would build a nest of spices and twigs. And then with great solemnity, she would ignite this nest, engulfing herself in the flames of her own making. From the ashes of her fiery demise, a new Phoenix would emerge, born anew and more radiant than ever.

When in flight, her feathers shimmered with hues of gold, crimson, and orange, as if the very flames of the sun had been woven into her plumage. She spent her days soaring through the vast expanse of the world, making pilgrimages to a sacred well known as the “Well of Immortality.” This well, hidden deep within the heart of the desert was the place where the Phoenix would draw water imbued with the essence of eternal life. When she drank the water, she renewed her vitality and gained what she needed to maintain her ethereal existence.

In addition to renewing her own vivacity, the Phoenix’s visits to the Well of Immortality were not solely for her own benefit. The waters of the well possessed miraculous properties, capable of vitalizing the earth and bringing life to barren lands. As she flew, the Phoenix sprinkled droplets of this magic water across the land, nourishing the soil and coaxing forth vibrant greenery in her wake.

In this way, the Phoenix served as a guardian of the natural world, bringing fertility and abundance wherever she roamed. Her flights across the skies were not merely for leisure but carried a weighty responsibility, ensuring the perpetuation of life and the sustenance of all living beings.

Today, the myth of the Phoenix lives on as a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring mysteries of the natural world.

As a therapist for two decades I often thought of the myth of the Phoenix in relationship to the waves, the cycles of life my clients went through–the burning up of one identity, the “ashes” they were sitting in (usually the reason they reached out for therapy), and the brave attempts to fly again after some healing.

I’ve observed the life-death-life cycle in my own experience as well. I’ve found myself needing to walk away from relationships and identities only to find myself in a pile of grey ash, confused about what would come next (and who I would be in a “next” version of myself), until one day I could feel myself flap one, unpracticed wing. And then eventually, I would find myself in the air again, pausing to land to drink from a well of clear water and then taking flight again, dropping nutrients to those in my sphere of influence so they could be nourished too.

It has been my life’s work to support people in the cycle of combustion, sitting in the ashes, rising anew, and soaring through the air as they drop nutrients onto the land.

I hope you’ll join me for our first PHOENIX LESSONS six-month program, so I can show you what I’ve learned and walk you through the Phoenix Journey.

See you there. Love, Cami

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