Second Wind: Learning to Shine at Midlife

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Are you a woman who is finally ready to run this race of life with more purpose, clarity, and passion than ever before? Are you ready to catch your second wind and reach your highest potential?

I’m ready for that on your behalf too. I am SOOO tired of meeting freaking fantastic women (both as clients and in my personal life) whose aspirations to rock the world with their gifts are tamped down by fear, self-doubt, exhaustion, and people-pleasing tendencies. What would happen if all of the pent-up, potential energy of all of these women was set free to burst into the world? I’ll tell you what: We would get sh!t done!!! We would clean up the oceans, solve world hunger, and win the presidency while we’re at it. If you feel me on this… If you’re ready to break through your inner glass ceiling, get started with a FREE individualized Second Wind Breakthrough Session with me. I’m opening up 15 more sessions in the next two weeks. We’ll look at what’s keeping you stuck and get you moving again.

And if you KNOW you’re ready to really shine into the next part of your life, and you need some support to get there, join my comprehensive, online Second Wind Program and let me help you break the inner barriers that hold you back and dim you down.

Here is what you’ll experience in the Second Wind Program:

Module One: Getting to the Starting Line

(make a radical commitment to your future) There comes a point in every woman’s life when she takes stock of what HAS BEEN and feels called to break through the inner glass ceiling that has held her down. In this module, you will find out how to make the commitment to never again accept anything less than you deserve. We will identify:

  • What has been holding you back
  • What is calling you forward now
  • Your soul’s central purpose for being here on the planet

Module Two: Learning to Fly Over the Hurdles

(identify your roadblocks and learn to work with the patterns and inner voices that keep you stuck and small) In this module you will learn:

  • What the job of your inner critic is and how to change your relationship with it once and for all
  • The top three mindsets that make women dim down their brightness and fail to live up to their true purpose
  • How fear actually functions and how you can FINALLY get it to stop controlling you

Module Three: Catching Your Second Wind

(identify how and where to source the energy you need to ACTUALLY live out your vision) You’ll get in touch with:

  • The four qualities you MUST have to live vision
  • A revolutionary new way to think about money that will set you FREE to move on whether you’ve got it or not

Module Four: Running Like You Mean It

(how to BE who you need to be to live into the greatest contribution you can possibly make)

  • In this crucial module you will experience:
  • Speaking into your truth as the power behind the changes you want to make
  • Identifying your particular crucial next step

Module Five: Sprinting the Last Mile

(how to cultivate accountability and support for the hard times so that you DO NOT lose momentum) Here you will learn:

  • The necessity of choosing the right individuals to partner with
  • How to tell the difference between safe people and unsafe people
  • How to create evolutionary relationships that will take you to the next level

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This program will take place on conference call on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30 Pacific Standard Time beginning on October 8.


  • October: 8th, 15th, 29th
  • November: 5th, 12th, 19th
  • December: 3rd, 10th, 17th

All calls will be recorded for later listening, and you will also receive access to a private Facebook community, as well as supplemental materials for enhancement of your learnings.

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