Cami here, your chief Story Warrior. I have a question for you. How is your writing going so far in 2021? Are you kicking @ss the way you thought you would? We are inching toward the halfway mark of the year, and you promised yourself this would be YOUR year to write your book, right?

If you aren’t rocking it the way you hoped you would be, I’ve got something IMPORTANT to tell you:

The #1 thing that stops you from writing your book is… wait for it…

Your Inner Critic. 

Before you throw in the towel for the year, let me give you some GOOD NEWS. 

Your Inner Critic is really ANY thought or inclination you have which prevents you from doing what your Highest Self truly wants to do. And the Inner Critic does have some good reasons why it is preventing you from writing your book, but… we don’t have to let it to be in control

My Inner Critic Relief 6-Week Deep-Dive is coming up and I want to invite you jump in so you FINALLY gain mastery over the inner forces that sabotage you in your writing (and all the other areas of your life too!).

As a psychotherapist for the last 20 years, I am clear that there is ONE way of working with the Inner Critic that cuts through all of the writhing and wrestling you’ve been doing for years. Let me teach you the ONE method that will set you free from the effects of your Inner Critic.

We start May 21 AND, although this class is worth a MILLION dollars, it’s affordable, PLUS I’ve got a coupon for you for $100 off of your investment.  It’s not too late to make 2021 YOUR year!! Apply this discount code when you sign up. icr052021$

Sign up for Inner Critic Relief RIGHT NOW.

What we’re going to cover:

  • The Seven Destructive Energies (critics) and how to counteract them
  • Why the critic picks on you and how to skillfully work with the critic so that it relaxes it’s hold on your life
  • How to recover parts of you that are exiled because of being under the critic’s rule of thumb
  • How to activate your inner champion so you can ROCK your writing and your life

What are you waiting for? Sign up here. Coupon code irc052021$

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