Writer!! Welcome to 2022! Are you ready to Ready, Set…WRITE!?

We at The Narrative Project started off our writerly new year with a bang by hosting another AMAZING virtual conference, Write That Book Already. (A big thanks to Lisa Dailey from Sidekick Press for co-hosting and for being our Sister-Business!) I have heard back from dozens of writers that the week was “transformative” and “inspiring”!

So, what do we DO now with all this inspiration? Well, it’s time to make some GOALS.

Take a moment to lean back in your chair (or into the couch), close your eyes, and visualize your year ahead. As yourself these questions and let the answers find you:

**What is my vision for my book?

**In one year, how do I want to feel about my writing?

**In one year, how do I want my body to feel? Will getting this story OUT of me help my mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial health?

**What is at stake if I DON’T write this book?

**What is burning to get out of me and onto the page?

If you, like many writers, are ready to take your inspiration and vision and put it into action, I invite you to join us for my SIX-week deep dive class, Ready, Set, WRITE! In this class I will teach you EXACTLY what you need to put into place in order to make your visions and dreams come true. Every published writer I know has put the FOUR PILLARS of SUCCESSFUL WRITING into place in order to get their books DONE: taking a stand for their story, boosting their writing chops, implementing support & accountability, and structuring for their time and material. We will go through these four pillars step by step, break them down, and together start implementing them into our lives in tangible, practical ways. After six weeks you will walk away with a very clear MAP for your upcoming writing year.

Sound good?

I love this class, as it is totally empowering and inspiring. RSW runs every Thursday, from 5-6:30pm PACIFIC time, January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, an 17. Everything is recorded, so if you miss a class you will be able to catch up in your own time. Register at https://www.thenarrativeproject.net/product/ready-set-write-starts-january-13/. Commit to your writing journey and take a stand for your writing this year! We are with you on this journey–as we say in The Narrative Project, writers don’t let writers write alone.

(For those of you who registered for the Write That Book Already conference, you should have received an 80% OFF CUPON code in your kickback email! For those of you who did not join our conference, it’s not too late to register!)

Writer, dear writer. As I sit back and do my own visualization, I see you, holding your book, reading from it at the podium at your book launch (because, in my vision, we are through Covid, too!!). I KNOW you can do this. Writing a book is a long and challenging journey, but it is very doable. Just take it step by step.

Are you READY to gift yourself some structure? Some support and community? How about some writerly skills and some self-belief? Are you ready for a SUCCESSFUL writerly year?

Yes, yes, I believe you are.

xo Cami, your chief Story Warrior

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