Dear writer,

I’ve taught hundreds of writers the FOUR PILLARS of SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION.  When you know you have a book in you, but you don’t know how to GET IT DONE, you need systems—a drafting system, a system for revisions, a support system for the hard times, a reliable system to help you build your skills. AND, let’s be honest, you need a system for managing the BIGGEST ROADBLOCK YOU FACE: The voice of YOUR INNER SABOTEUR.

If you have a partially written book sitting in your computer (or worse, an unwritten book in your head), isn’t it time to finally take a stand for that book? The Narrative Project’s 9-Month Get Your Book Done Program is filling up fast. I could NOT be more excited to work with the group of writers in this upcoming cohort. (Congratulations for getting behind your book, 2021 GYBD Writers!!!) AND we still have a few spots available. 

In our 9-Month GYBD program, you get a roadmap to completion, skills-building classes, regular critiques, one-on-one coaching, dedicated writing time, in-depth weekend workshops, and finally… PUBLICATION of a piece in an anthology of your peers! An entire done-for-you book completion system!!

What’s holding you back?

I’m so passionate about this program and YOUR BOOK, that I’ve decided to extend our early-bird bonuses for a few more days. The program starts March 17, and I don’t want you missing out if you’re holding yourself in the balance, wondering if it’s right for you.

Fill out an application (no obligation with that, writers; we’re looking for the RIGHT group of would-be authors). If you’re accepted into the program before midnight, Monday, March 15th, not only will you write that book already, but you’ll also get:

Doesn’t your book deserve a chance? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Fill out the APPLICATION HERE and we’ll reach out to you for an interview.

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