What are the 8 signs that it’s time to reinvent yourself?


I think by now you know my passion for “narrative.” My intensive year-long writing programs are designed to help people write and revise the stories that have been burning in their hearts, sometimes for decades.

These past several years working with writers has been SO satisfying. My team and I have watched as people who have worked on (or thought about) their books for DECADES have finally seen their projects through to the end and celebrated publication. Helping people get their books out into the world, I am convinced, is an important calling of mine.

BUT YOU KNOW, of course, that “NARRATIVES” are not just about books.

Here’s what I know: Narratives are actually how we organize our WHOLE lives.

Narratives are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, about other people, and about LIFE. Narrative–that is to say, story–is the FOUNDATION, the paradigm, of our well-being (or our suffering).

And I don’t know about you, but since the dark days of the COVID quarantine, I’ve noticed a lot of people have lost their pre-Covid narratives.

Let me tell you an anecdote: Last week I happened to have a day when I was on the phone for about eight hours with six different people: a former client, a guy I went on a few dates with last summer, two of my besties, and a writer just starting our program who is full of anxiety about FINALLY writing her story.

Every conversation—and I mean EVERY conversation—circled around the same topic. New Direction in life.

I could summarize what each person said this way: “I feel disoriented, and I’m not sure what’s next in my life or how to proceed from here.”

Friends, whenever you say you don’t know what’s next, it’s a sign that an old narrative about your life has died (or is in the process of dying) but a new narrative has not yet emerged. A new version of YOU has not yet been born.

And since 2020, many (if not most) of us have lost trajectory and misplaced the comfortable narratives that USED TO make sense. Indeed, what used to seem important isn’t important anymore. What we were waiting until “later” to do feels like it must be done soon. What we are “supposed” to do feels superfluous. We’ve lost loved ones. We’ve lost jobs. We’ve lost motivation. We’ve lost inhibitions. And we’ve lost our sense of agency. We’ve lost all the Fs we used to give but don’t know where the Fs should go now.

Many of us are in what I would call the “ashes” phase of the Phoenix’s combustion/ashes/rising again cycle. The fabled Phoenix offers us some guidance whenever we find ourselves needing to remake our lives. Periodically she burns herself up and rises again from her own ashes.

Good metaphor, right? But how does this work In Real Life? I’m excited to offer you a process I’ve used with therapy clients for years that will help you discover exactly how the combustion/ashes/rising again cycle works and how you can work with the cycle to reclaim a life narrative that will carry you forward.

I am beyond thrilled to be soon offering for the first time ever, a six-month process I’m calling The Phoenix Lessons.

If you’re feeling like you could use some support revamping/reinventing/re-envisioning your life or trajectory right now, consider joining me for this journey, which starts June 3.

Find out about the program here.

But if you just want to dip your toe in the water and hear about the program in person and get some pointers on how to get started on your reinvention journey, join us for my content-rich one-time precursor class:

This masterclass, happening Monday, April 29 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time, will teach the introductory concepts for the new 6-month transformational course and help you decide if the Phoenix Lessons are for you.

You won’t want to miss this life-changing evening.

We can make the changes we need to make and get inspired to live into meaning and purpose, friends. But we have to stick together.

Join me!

Love, Cami

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