The Narrative Project coaches—aka Story Warriors—and I are very aware that during these strange days, people are BUBBLING with stories they NEED to tell. There is something about a world-wide pandemic, serious racial strife and the need for police reform, an historically bizarre election, and a meteor heading for the planet (don’t worry, it’s small—about 6.5 feet in diameter, and if it enters the atmosphere it’ll disintegrate. We’re not in harm’s way…but STILL!) makes people decide to seize the day. And if seizing the day for you means writing your book, we’ve got good news:

We have PLENTY of ways to support you. Here are the big opportunities coming up for you to take a stand for your story RIGHT NOW:

Write Like Water (FREE): Thursday, October 29, 2020 @ 5:00pm PST

How to Find and Follow the Natural Path of Your Story with Laurel Leigh. A FREE workshop with a professional editor and script doctor who show you how to look at your manuscript and find the crisp storyline you KNOW is in there somewhere.

Register in advance for this meeting HERE

Mastermind Your Book (FREE): Thursday, November 12 @ 12:00 PM PST

On the second Thursday of each month, we invite anyone anywhere to a one-hour laser coaching workshop where we mastermind a book and go over the Story Spine principles that help TNP writers get their books DONE! Join us in November. you won’t be sorry!

Register in advance for this meeting HERE

Open Mic w/ The Narrative Project (FREE): Saturday, November 14 @ 6:00 PM PST 

Since we can’t go to open mic, let’s bring open mic to us. Saturday, We sign up ON THE CALL. Five minute maximum readings. Ten slots. This is a great way to take a stand for your work by reading it in front of others. We recommend you practice your readings to get them to the FIVE-minute maximum.

Register in advance for this meeting HERE

Introduction to Inner Critic Relief (Paid program, this intro class is FREE): November 5, 10:00 AM PST

Write your way into healing and thriving for your life and your art! Jump into the FIRST class of our SIX WEEK DEEP-DIVE COURSE for FREE. Learn the foundations for how to revolutionize your relationship with the so-called Inner Critic…The Inner Critic–those inner voices, thoughts, and emotional energies which create pain or brokenness, sabotage your intentions, make you feel like a failure, decrease your happiness and creative productivity. But do they REALLY tell us the truth? And more importantly, after living with them for decades, can we FINALLY free ourselves from them? You bet. There IS a way to get out from under a heavy burden of negativity and grief and to activate FREEDOM and FLOW.Register for the class, and join us to find out HOW! (If you already know you want the full 6-week paid program, here’s the link to enroll.)

Register in advance for this first FREE meeting HERE

Write That Book Already! FREE Virtual Conference with awesome speakers in the industry! January 4-8, 2021

When we are finally at the end of 2020, New Year’s resolutions will be at our doorstep. We want to let you know about an exciting FREE virtual conference that The Narrative Project will be hosing in partnership with Lisa Dailey of Sidekick Press. This FREE virtual conference will set you on the right track to write your book in 2021. We’ll have interviews with EIGHT experts in the book industry (including editors and agents) to support and encourage you to make 2021 year the year you “Write That Book Already!” This one-week virtual conference is for you if you:

  • have a book idea but don’t know where to start
  • have started your book but are getting stalled in the muddy middle
  • have written the first few chapters over and over but can get no further

Honestly, after the year we’ve had, it may be difficult to stay motivated to finish your book when the world is on fire, but your voice matters, and the Write That Book Already virtual conference will light the flame you need to make 2021 your year. Please join us January 4 through 8.


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