Hi writer. How’s your summer going?

I know from my years working with our Get-Your-Book-Done students that summer can be a hard time to keep writing. I mean, wouldn’t you rather be out on the water with your paddleboard than typing on your keyboard?

For me, it’s summer running that distracts me from my writing. Don’t get me wrong, I DO want to be out in the woods jumping over roots and rocks with the smell of the forest and the feeling of a gentle breeze on my skin. But I ALSO want to keep my writing momentum going through this beautiful season. (It’s beautiful where I live in the Pacific Northwest, anyway. If you are living someplace either blazing hot or extra humid, you have my heartfelt empathy!)

In the years since I started the Narrative Project to help writers get their books done, I have learned that the best thing I can do to keep our students writing through the summer is to issue a challenge in July. I ask them to write ten thousand new words this month for a prize that will change their writing life (TNP Alumni: don’t give away what that prize is, please).

To be honest, this little challenge is a trick for the brain that gets at what I believe is the BIGGEST factor in whether or not a writer can complete a book: The writer’s psychology.

Whether because of distraction, perfectionism, or some other mindset issue, the REAL problem with completing a book isn’t usually even related to a writer’s skill level. We are all ALWAYS growing our writing skills. The big block is almost always related to either our habits or our self-doubt and fear.

This is why we are offering a series of masterclasses to get you through the summer even as we take applications for our September year-long Get-Your-Book-Done cohort. We don’t want you waiting until September to get to your writing.

Check out these classes, writers. I’m committed to helping you get THROUGH your blocks!

July 29—The Psychology of Writing. Let me walk you through the SEVEN psychological stages from would-be writer to published author. These are the stages I’ve observed (wearing my therapist hat) in our TNP writers as they move through our programs. Knowing the stages and assessing where you are on the writerly journey can do wonders for your self-confidence AND for your patience with a long project.

July 30—Launching Your Book. Amanda is going to walk you through how to take your anxiety about book marketing and make it into your greatest asset. One of the big fears writers have (which stops them from even writing their first draft) is about whether they are up to the task of promoting a book. Let’s put those fears to bed!

July 31—VIP Mastermind-Your-Book. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been told by writers who have masterminded their books with me that the process blows their blocks right out of the water? What is a mastermind? Basically, I’ll show you the THREE things you need to figure out so you can write the damn book. And then we’ll figure them out together.

August 8—How to Write About Trauma (without re-traumatizing yourself). This is one of our most popular classes for especially memoir writers writing about hard things. I’ll bring my expertise as a therapist to the table for you and show you how to safely write those tender and/or difficult scenes.

Join us for any or all of these classes. We’d like nothing more than to support you this summer in your writing endeavors!

Lots of love!


*If you attended the Chuckanut Writers Conference, look for a coupon code in your email. You can attend these classes at no cost.

**If you are a current TNP student or alumni, check your Facebook group for your coupon code.

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