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Hey, let me tell you something. There is nothing like being with an author as they cross their finish line! Last month I had the deep pleasure and honor to join Narrative Project writer, Gary Tubbs, as he LAUNCHED HIS BOOK into the world! Gary worked on Taming the Dragon: My Memoir of Coming Out, Addiction, and Awakening in our 9-month Get Your Book Done program. As I stood watching him share his book at his launch in September, I felt so, so, so proud of Gary.

I was touched by how much courage Gary showed. He shared that writing this book was vulnerable. It was vulnerable being honest with himself, sharing his story with his critique members and coach, his editor, and then with us, the audience (who included family members, friends, colleagues, and even some former students).

In fact the writing journey was hard for most of the way.

But he WAS able to liberate himself from his inner critics. 

He WAS able to find a deeper source of trust in the Universe. 

And he WAS able to find peace in and through his story. 

Gary told us at the launch party how his book has already started impacting people. I was struck by how readers were saying his story helped them feel less alone. 

Helped them feel seen… known. 

One audience member even shared how she had given Gary’s book to one young gay man who, after reading it, decided to finally stop drinking.

Gary’s book deserves to be in the world. His story is already touching people, bringing people together, and changing people’s lives. The hard work, vulnerability, and courage is/was worth it. 

And, you know… he’s the only one who could tell HIS story. Gary is the ONLY one who has his particular, clear message of belief and surrender. 

So a big congratulations to you, Gary. (And if you are reading this and are dying to read his story—as you should be—go HERE to get a copy.) I’m SO proud of you for following your calling to write Taming the Dragon.

Writers, if you have a book burning inside of you—something you believe might really, really impact someone’s life for the better… And that story DESERVES to be out in the world!!!!

Consider joining us for our 2023 Get Your Book Done program

Early bird enrollment opens today and we ONLY have 28 spots this coming year—actually, we only have 23 spots because 5 have already been snapped up. The program starts in March.

I would love to walk with you on your journey through your draft, edits, and, eventually, all the way through publication so you, like Gary, can see the impact of your words out in the world.

If you are READY and want to talk about joining us for our 2023 cohort, fill out an application (click here) today. There is no obligation. We’ll give you a call, answer your questions, and talk about whether Get-Your-Book-Done is what you need to get you to your own finish line.

Let’s be brave together!! The world needs our stories.

If you’re only dabbling with the idea of writing your book–wondering if YOUR story will really matter–join me for FREE for a seminar in November called: Will Anyone Give a Sit? (I know, it’s a nuanced title, but this is THE big question, right?) Let’s talk about how you can know if your book deserves your commitment, attention, time, and money.

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022

Time: 5pm Pacific Time

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