January 2-6, 2023

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This past month I got to celebrate with one of our TNP graduates from The Narrative Project. I have the privilege of working with writers as they pen (or type) their first words, and after many, many, many dedicated hours of writing, coaching, writing, editing, writing…and then some platform building and pitching and editing and pitching… this graduate GOT A BOOK DEAL!!!! THIS is what I just die for. To celebrate with an author at every step of the way to completion and publication.

What starts out as an idea, my friends, can become a real book. And there is NOTHING better than holding your book in your hands—except perhaps the letters from readers who affirm that your book has changed their lives. 

I remember when I first saw the first book that had MY name on it. It was a feeling like nothing else. In the midst of a divorce, I decided to train for a marathon and, because I loved a good challenge, I decided to run a marathon on all seven continents. Was that crazy? Sure!! But the experience changed my life, and I wanted to share the inspiration I’d gained from my journeys with the world. And so I pushed through ANOTHER MARATHON and wrote my memoir. The day I saw that book on a bookstore shelf was one of the most gratifying days of my life.

I want you to have the experience of seeing your book come to life, too. And because I did it–brought a book into the world–I know it can be done. You CAN write the book you have in your heart to write.

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We’ve got tons of inspiration, instruction, and encouragement for you to make 2022 your year to finally get your book done. Don’t miss it.

We can do this together friends!



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