Four spots left!!!

Writer, I can hardly believe we are nearly through the SECOND month of 2022! This year’s Write That Book Already conference was a blast in early January! And then we had 70 people join us for our Ready, Set, Write course, where we went over how to implement the Four Pillars of Successful Completion in order to make this year THE year for your writing. 

Now, I’m taking a breath and getting ready for the number one highlight of every year for me. I’m preparing for the start of our nine month Get-Your-Book-Done program! I have to say… our Get-Your-Book-Done program is the VERY best thing I’ve ever created. When I say this, I’m not bragging; I’m only reporting. 

I started the Get-Your-Book-Done program five years ago sitting on my sofa with a friend. I was running a women’s empowerment coaching program at the time, which I loved, but I also knew something didn’t feel quite right with my work. I wasn’t bringing ALL of my gifts to bear in what I was doing. I was teaching and creating opportunities for growth, but there was something missing. I wasn’t engaging in my zone of genius.

“I just feel like there isn’t anything to show when I graduate my clients,” I said to a friend one night as we talked late into the night at my apartment.

“Yup,” she said. “That’s because your brilliance is in creating structure for concrete outcomes. The one thing you do best is to systematically get shit done. Nothing gets done in this program you’re running now. You should take all of that marathon training you’ve done over the past ten years and parlay that into a program that helps writers get their books done.”

And just like that, the elements of The Narrative Project’s Get-Your-Book-Done program materialized in the air between us. I saw the classes, the small coaching groups, the one-on-one coaching, the retreats, the anthology. I saw the production schedules—and even the “arc” handout—come to life in my mind’s eye. 

The next morning, I put out the call to all the writers I knew who’d been working on their books FOREVER and hadn’t got them done yet, set a date, and launched my first nine-month program!

Now, five years later, TNP is THE go-to place for writers who want to get their books DONE! We’ve graduated over 100 writers! We’ve published over 100 writers as well. We’ve celebrated full book launches, coached writers through their platform building efforts, helped them write book proposals so they can shop their books to agents, and watched as writers cry in victory at seeing their names in print. What a journey this has been.

AND HERE WE GO AGAIN. This cohort, we’ve got 24 spots and 20 are spoken forThat leaves FOUR spots left.

As you know, we focus on writers with transformational stories to tell: Memoir, fiction, or self-help/how-to. AND I’m truly chomping at the bit to get going with our 2022 cohort.

Do you have a book you need to get done? Do you want one of those four remaining spots?

Why not apply for the program?

Fill out the application HERE or send an inquiry to

2022 is your year!!

We’ve got your back.



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