Writers, when it comes to creating your platform and honing your performing skills, don’t hide under your blankets!

Baker, my Boston Terrier, has a tendency to hide underneath the blankets. He likes to stay cozy and comfortable, with his own bubble of personal space. (And he gets to, because he’s a dog.) But if we want to sell our books and get our writing into the hands of readers, we have to leave the comfort of our blanket den and be seen. Platform (how you are seen in the world—as someone with something to say on a topic) and Performance (what you can teach, do, and share because you have a platform) is an essential part of launching your book. It can be vulnerable, sure, but it gets easier with practice. (Trust me, building a business from just a few people in my living room to an international reach has taken a lot of courage.)

But you don’t have to take that big step alone.

Lisa Dailey from Sidekick Press and I, director of The Narrative Project, invite you to join us on a SIX-week deep dive into Platform and Performance, starting FRIDAY, July 8, 2022. We will demystify what ‘Platform’ and ‘Performance’ even means. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to put your initial platform into place. And we’ll discuss fear and overwhelm and intimidation…and also empowerment and potential and transformation!! Because we believe in you and we believe in your stories.

(If you’re on the fence about whether you want to jump in, join us at our first class to get a feel for where we’re going—send an email to info@thenarrativeproject.net.)

So, dear writers, we get to let Baker (and all our animal friends) stay wrapped up in blankets, snoozing away. And for us, the TIME has COME to step OUT of our comfort-zone and into the big world of platform.


Register and use pp100$2022 for $100 off. (Writers in the 9-month TNP programs, your 100% off coupon is in your Facebook group and was emailed to you.) Then keep your eyes open for your confirmation email!

Excited to start this journey with you FRIDAY, July 8 at NOON Pacific!



(and Baker! Who shows us how GOOD we can look when we step forward into the world!)

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