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Secondly, some words of encouragement.

Friends, I just spoke with a writer yesterday who has been working on a passion project for a decade. She’s been researching and writing and revising all on her own, maintaining a laudable writing schedule. But she didn’t know about a narrative arc or scenic depiction. She doesn’t know (yet) how to create a voice that will warmly draw the reader into her very powerful content. She saw her book as a report on a series events that she hoped, if people knew about them, would change the way people thought and give them information they might like to know.

As I listened to her talk about her book, I could see that her manuscript could have a MUCH bigger reach and appeal than she even imagined. I could see that what has in her HEART to do–when she can get it to POP–will absolutely challenge readers to rethink their politics and biases. In short: Her book is important!! Very important. Just talking with this writer yesterday got me looking inside myself and asking productive questions. One conversation with her left me changed!

But to get her book out to the world and challenge others, she will have to dive in and build some story-telling skills to apply to the page. Elbow grease is only ONE element in the getting-your-book-done journey (and, to be sure, it’s an important one). Knowing how to craft a vibrant, tension-filled narrative with clear take-aways for your reader is also PARAMOUNT, however.

Are you in the same boat as the writer I spoke with yesterday? Do you have a story to tell, but you aren’t sure how to execute it?

Well good news! We’ve got your back!!

Put our next Mastermind Your Book meeting on your calendar (November 10 at noon Pacific Time). It’s FREE. Join us through this zoom link to learn how to craft your story spine and find out what the key story-telling skills are!

And in the meantime, check out our awesome new video. Thanks to Jeanne Rawdin of Epic Storytelling for showing the world what we’re all about at The Narrative Project. We’re so glad you’re part of our community.

Keep up the good work, friends.

Love, Cami

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