Welcome to summer, writer. This time of year for some of us it is VERY difficult to keep our butts in the chair for our writing projects.

It’s been more than half a year since we gathered virtually for our Write That Book Already conference? How is your book coming? I’m happy to report that the would-be authors in our Get-Your-Book-Done program are kicking ass on their drafts. Congrats to ALL of us who are holding to our intended commitments and moving forward in our manuscripts. 

We would ADORE having an update from you—whether you’re encouraged or DIScouraged, catch us up on how 2021 is shaping up for you in terms of your January goals. Head over to our Facebook group and fill us in. 

I have a few announcements I want to make SURE you’re aware of, so take some time to read ALL the way through this email (I know our attention fades below the fold, but push through because there is a lot of great information here for you).

  1. Write That Book Already video replays are coming down at the END of AUGUST.

Our Write That Book Already 2021 videos are STILL UP and available on the conference replay page, but we will be taking them down on August 31, 2021 to prepare for THE 2022 CONFERENCE!! If you registered for the 2021 conference, you’ve already got the replay link AND you’re connected to the dedicated conference Facebook Group. If you are NOT registered for the conference, you can still get the replays by registering, even at this late date. We won’t be live, but we look pretty good in video, so head over to https://writethatbookalready.thenarrativeproject.net. Register and catch up on the inspiration!

2. Our annual Pitch and Sell Your Book 6-week Deep-dive is happening SOOOON!!

On July 15, 2021 we will LAUNCH our annual Pitch and Sell Your Book SIX WEEK deep dive class. Join us and learn how to pitch your book. All the way from the perfect query letter to the well-crafted book proposal! We have limited spots available, so register today at: https://www.thenarrativeproject.net/product/pitch-and-sell-your-book/

3. Revisions, anyone? Join us for Summer inspiration and guidance for what to do NOW that you’ve got some words on the page.

Reboot/Revise: A two-hour class to help you assess where you are and get started on the next stage of your work on your manuscript.

When? Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 6pm PST

Is this class for you? Ask yourself… have you:

  • Gotten stuck and can’t keep going?
  • Produced a lot of words but not sure what to do with them?
  • Gotten through a good portion of your story but not sure where to take the story/material from here?
  • Had a successful writing year so far, but don’t know what’s next?

If you said yes to any of these questions, jump on with Cami for a reboot to get:

  • A clear way to assess what you need to do next with the material you’ve already written.
  • A specific process for beginning revisions without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Answers to the question of “what’s next” in your quest to become a published author.
  • Inspiration to keep moving forward, even if you’re slogging through the “muddy middle” of your story/project.

Sign up here for only $27

When you sign up, you’ll get a zoom link you need to register on. 

4. We are enrolling for next year’s 9-Month Get-Your-Book-Done Program

And, then! ANNOUNCEMENT!! 

Enrollment is NOW OPEN for the 2022 Get-Your-Book-Done cohort. 

For those of you who are interested (and we know there are many of you we spoke to earlier this year who said you wanted to jump in for 2022), don’t delay.

Go to https://www.thenarrativeproject.net/the-application/ and fill out an application. We’ll reach out to you for an interview to see if the GYBD program is a good fit for your project.  

By the way… we are ONLY accepting 24 clients next year: FOUR for how-two/self-help books, EIGHT for fiction, and TWELVE for memoir. So fill out that application TODAY!!! 

Your story matters and we believe in you. Let us guide you in getting your book DONE.

5. Finally, The Narrative Project wants to announce our AWESOME collaboration with Sidekick Press in a new venture that SHOULD have been launched in 2020 (but, alas…). 

Check out our passion project: www.wayfaringwriters.com

Lisa Dailey of Sidekick Press and I are taking a group of writers to Oaxaca, Mexico!!!!! We’ll be offering workshops on CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND SCENE based on trips to the surrounding small towns, tours of ancient ruins, and eating at local restaurants. Exact dates are still to be announced, but generally, the trip will take place at the beginning of December. And get this: Agent Laura Mazer from Wendy Sherman Associates is going to be joining us to answer questions about how to query agents and pitch books. This will be an intimate group. Only 10 spots remaining. Fill out the application here and we’ll give you a call.

Keep up the good work, writer! 


Fierce Love,


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